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Our new design has a new look!

We have developed a new site to post information about our coaching and clubs.

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Tournament play

Step-by-step through your first tournament

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What do volunteers do during club meetings?

Web designer

I love the idea that the kids get super engaged in strategy and comeradare through the game of chess! My goal as designer is to 

I designed the logo to show how much we love the game of chess. The shield shows how we defend our love of the game and the camaraderie they bring to it.


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About Lawrence Scholastic Chess

This webpage is a volunteer developed webpage with hopes of giving parents the answers to commonly asked questions. In addition, to provide information about how to boost the learning of the many skills that people can develop through their experience with both casual and competitive chess. The developers are in the Lawrence, Kansas area, so some of the information is specific to Lawrence and to Kansas, however, much is applicable to the chess experience everywhere.

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Coach Paden