Starting Thursday, July 1

Weekly Drop in Chess for all ages from 4:00 to 6:30

Farmer’s Market behind Cottin’s Hardware

in parking lot behind Cottin’s on New Hampshire between 18th and 19th Streets. 


Kansas Open Chess Championships 

July 17th and 18th in Lawrence 

Blitz and Bughouse on the 16th

Registration information at

Watch for Updates on Fall Chess after July 18

State Tournament

Play in two tournaments before State

    1. Register at this linkbefore noon on Sunday March 7th. 
    2. Read info at KSCA Website 
    3. Download or print Flier
    4. You must have a account, it can be a free account!
    5. Read Quick Facts for State below.
    6. Be logged in 10 min. before each 

 Free Account  

In-Person Tournaments

    1. Go to KSCA Schedule and Registration
    2. Find the tournament you want to enter and click register. 
    3. Arrive 30 min before the scheduled time.

 KSCA Schedule & Reg 

Upcoming Schedule

Check often 🙂





March 2021

No Current classes

Discussion of how to make the most of your experience. 

Start: Start at 7:00, 



Note: Read State Flier and watch video prior to Thursday!!

Link below 



Team tournament with K-3, K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 sections. 





March 2021

No current tournaments

Registration                                      Flier              

Sunday by Noon, 12:00 pm

Follow registration instructions carefully. 

Read Quick Facts for State below








March 2021

No current classes

Drop in 7:00-8:00

  Any chess questions 


State Tournament Players

Note: No regular lessons this week  Play Chess Games!






Check out these Learning Videos


I have found some learning videos by Dr Andrew Huberman that explain how the brain functions and how to use that information to improve your ability to learn new skills and information. They also give help on how to live a healthier and more satisfying life.

I highly recommend these videos to everyone, chess players, soccer players, AND parents. 


David Paden




Tournament Results

In-Person KSCA

This page will not be active until after the first KSCA in-person tournament.

In-Person USCF 

Search this page to search for your tournament