Here are a few pointers for volunteers.
Queen pawn king representing parents and child

Rules of the Club

1. All kids should be engaged in a chess game or lesson. 

2. Reset the board when you are done playing.

3. Kids may watch a game if they are not interfering with, or distracting either player. For example: if the other kids complain or you feel the situation is not working, separate the child not playing.

4. Kids should not be around or touching the art teacher’s desk, storage areas, art materials, or any student’s work. 

5. No running or chasing, No excuses.

Your responsibilities

1. Help children that are between games find a partner to play with.

2. If you can play chess, you can play with someone that does not have a partner or who asks you to play.

3. If you do not know how to play chess, you can ask a child to show you how the pieces move, the names of the pieces, or the relative value of pieces.

4. Ask questions about the moves kids make, or why they think their opponent made the last move.